The #1 selling purple shampoo


Jhirmack is for every person who wants to let their true colors radiate and shine through!

We’re the experts in Silver hair care and know all the tricks and tips to maintain your beautiful mane.  We have a line of products developed with you in mind to help create the nourished, bright, and healthy hair you want. We believe that any woman or man should feel comfortable embracing their natural beauty, at any age. 

So whether you're gorgeously gray, sublimely silver, perfectly pewter, whimsically white, sensational sterling or even sassy salt & pepper, trust the experts in silver hair care, Jhirmack! Who say's silver hair isn't sexy?


Jhirmack traces its roots to the brand’s founder - Jheri Redding, an icon in the hair care industry. Jheri Redding was a very accomplished chemist creating many ‘firsts” in the hair care industry including the first hair conditioner, the first “pH Balanced” shampoo, the first shampoo to contain vitamins and the first shampoo to contain minerals. He is also credited with developing some of the most well known and successful brands in the industry including Jhirmack, Redken and Nexxus. The success of these brands is attributed to the innovative and effective formulas he created –most of which remain in use today and continue to provide the foundation for numerous hair care products sold around the world .